Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Don't Faint

But I've actually got around to making some Christmas cards this year!!

Justify Full
In the interests of recycling, I've done a design with a re-usable gift tag (ok, the person may have to change the ribbon, but they can definitely use the tag again, and if they glue it on, they can cover the glue on the back of the ribbon {hope that makes sense}). The last one in line looks a bit wonky, but I think that is due to squishing them together in my little portable studio thing, combined with my pretty crappy (lazy) photography skills.

Here's a little close-up some of the tags.

I'm going to do the design in other colourways as well - already have made some blue tags, with snowmen, penguins and snowflakes and have some lovely pink, black and grey Christmas papers I would like to use as well and quite a few other Christmas dies I haven't yet used this year (actually probably never used if I'm being honest).

I also made another batch of Christmas chutney when I got home tonight, and a batch of chilli jam last night - need to label the jam and take a pic tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

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Brianna Soloski said...

Those are very cute.