Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've always been a bit of a bookworm, as well as a recently reborn bead addict, so today I treated myself to a couple of new books: I really like these little boxes, and although they'll probably take ages, I thought they would make lovely presents for people. I seem to know so many people who are lucky enough not to really "need" anything and find it difficult sometimes choosing presents, so hopefully these will go down well. Should be easy enough to incorporate different patterns into the shapes as well.
I have a fascination for beaded beads, and hope to make some of the Moroccan-style ones from Diane Fitgerald's book soon - just need to get some of those (pricey) galvanised delicas. This book on beaded beads gets pretty good reviews over on Amazon (the main one seeming to be don't pick a book by it's cover, as the ones on the front are pretty ugly).

Everything seems to be in order for my murder party on Saturday.
I am playing a french lady (my vocabulary may become a bit repetitive, as I don't have many French phrases in my head!!)Have decided on meze type starters, followed by djaje belimoune (chicken with orange and saffron) from my Medina Kitchen book. This is actually the only recipe I have made from this book - must make more.

Will do the New York cheesecake from how to be a Domestic Goddess for sweet again, as it was a great success the last time (and can make it tomorrow night, leaving less work to do on Saturday - always a bonus if you can grab a siesta before having visitors).

Seems I'll have a fiar bit on my hands over the next couple of days, but I am sure it won't be that bad.

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