Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Stash

Popped into my local craft shop, for some pearly card blanks for wedding menus, sadly the only one left in town from about 6 a couple of years ago - unless you count the paltry collection W H Smiths have (but I'm not speaking to them anyway after rushing into town after work one day for something only to find it all closed up and in darkness at 23 mins past 5 when they're meant to open until 5:30!).

Anyway along with my blanks, some other stuff popped into my hand, then I had to order white 12x12 card from Papermill (local shop only stocks Bazzil, which is fab, but too thin for the thing I was doing) - so I ended up with this little bundle of extras:

From Papermill I got DCVW Rock Star 8x8 pad and Dovecraft Funky Masculine Brads. From my local shop I got 2 sets of Cuttlebug embossing folders - Snowflakes which I wanted since last winter and Frill Borders (which I thought looked really nice, but now that I have them home I'm not sure if I'll use them. I also go Dovecraft Rose Tinted Christmas and Winter Wonderland brads, Winter Wonderland, Fantasy, A Hint of Pink & Wedding 6x6 pads, DCVW Rose Tinted Christmas & Christmas Wishes 6x6 pads and a Laura Ashley Contemporary 6x6 pad.

Now to use it all (and perhaps have a bit of a clearout of existing stuff).

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I managed to get my wedding invitations sent out last week. Everyone should have theirs by now, so reckoned it was safe to post here (not that most of the people coming along read this blog!!).

Unfortunately because I printed them on pearly card and I'm a pretty crap photographer they look a bit speckled here(they don't look like that in real life - just pale gold pearly).

Stu got measured for his new kilt at the weekend and put the deposit down on it - should be ready 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding.

On other matters, I have had the strangest desire to sew and was thinking of half inching my mum's sewing machine as she never uses it. Don't know what I fancied making, but had visions of me running up little beach bags and decorating stuff I already have - maybe that needs to be hand sewn - I really have no clue.

Also weirdly (I don't know what's come over me these days - keep thinking I'll do stuff I normally have no interest in), I was in my local craft shop buying blanks for my menus, when I spotted nice pink and black DCWV Christmas papers in 1 6x6 pad. I also saw a nice blue Dovecraft one and then another DCWV in red and green, so I bought them all (along with some Christmas brads) - really odd since I hardly even give out cards at Christmas - who knows maybe this year will be different (but if you're one of my friends reading this, please please don't hold your breath, as you'll probably end up dead and that would make me feel guilty!!!!)

Off to do something productive now - had a long list, but had to go back into work for a couple of hours tonight just as I was getting settled.

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on Things in General

Can't believe it's been almost a month since I blogged, but it's not been down to laziness - I've just had so much stuff going on. Work as hectic as every and now doing my Management Level 4 VQ as well. Also been having a bit of a clear out at home, so we can get things a bit more organised with 2 people's stuff.

We got rid of the kitchen table and chair, which weren't used that often (although I tended to use all the chairs and the table as extra surfaces to dump bags and stuff. Instead we now have this dresser:

Stu spied it in a charity shop on his way home from work one day, so it was an absolute bargain. I love it to bits.

Got all my wedding invites posted today (well apart from half a dozen I didn't have addresses for, but got those today, so they'll go tomorrow. Will post a pic in a couple of days once people have theres.

I did this jewellery set for a colleague of my sister. First time I've used purple, amber/topaz and turquoise together but I really liked it. In fact for once I didn't want to part with it - strange thing is S bought it to give as a present for her sister and didn't want to give it away either.

Pendant is Swarovski teardrop with glass beads hung on a dark brown ribbon and bracelet is assorted glass beads interspersed with 4 colours of purple Swarovski bicones.

Thanks for looking.

Toodles xoxo