Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Recent Reviews

Ok, I've been promising myself to do this for a while now, so have a few up my sleeve. First the films:

A couple of weeks ago we watched CONTROL which was fabulous, but definitely not what you could call a "feelgood" movie, which suits me just fine.

If you don't already know, it's about the life and untimely death of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. It's all filmed in black and white, which makes it very atmospheric. Soundtrack is wonderful and Sam Riley is just fabulous in the lead role.

A definite must-see as far as I'm concerned and it defintely deserves a 5-star rating. Best non-fluff film I've seen in forever.

The next film we watched was STARDUST. This one didn't hugely appeal to me, but I had to eat my words as it was very enjoyable. Very fairytale-ish, but not at all babyish, it had a great story to it, was well-acted and generally just really good.

You'll probably know the main song from Take That, which is a good tune for a feel-good movie. I'll give this one a 4-star rating. Michelle Pfeiffer is fab in it and Robert de Niro has some cracking scenes. You'll also see Ricky Gervias, who even manages to slip in his "are you having a laugh" line from Extras.


On a don't bother watching thread, it has to be DEATH PROOF. I absolutely loved the Tarrantino classics (Reservior Dogs, Pulp Fiction, True Romance), but this was such a disappointment we traded it in the day after we bought it. The first 30 mins or so were ok, and left you with the feeling it was going to get better, but it just didn't.

A massive let-down is about the best that can be said about it, hence the 2-star rating (actually I did seriously consider only giving it one, and may still change this).


Onto books now. Recently finished THE ALEXANDRIA LINK by Steve Berry. The blurb on the back reads:

"Cotton Malone is in trouble. His son has been kidnapped and his bookshop in Copenhagen attacked, all because he is the only man alive who knows the whereabouts of the Alexandria Link - the means of locating the most important cache of ancient knowledge ever assembled: the legendary Library of Alexandria, which vanished without trace fifteen hundred years ago."

I loved this book. A great adventure, with a few twists in the tale, it grips you from start to finish. If you're familiar with THE TEMPLAR LEGACY you'll meet up with a few characters you already know and find out a bit more about them. A definite 4-stars from me.


I still have to do some game reviews, but as this has already become a bit of an epic post, I'll wait a day or too.

Thanks for reading my blurb. xoxo

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