Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree Time

Thought I'd take a break from trying to fix the stupid washing machine, which is leaking through the drawer and whilst reading up on washing machine problems, discovered that liquid instead of powder, along with washing at low temperatures seems to contribute to a lot of the problems, as the bleach in powder (along with really hot water) seems to stop them from gunking up.

.. anyways, onto the real reason for this post (as I am sure no one really wants to hear my laundry woes)...

We got the Christmas tree on Saturday. It's a real cracker and almost hits the ceiling. Here's a little piccie:
It's a lot brighter in real life - 300 lights on it.

Here's a little arty dot photo...

...and little close-up too.
Still got Christmas cards to do as well. Must, must, must do them tomorrow.

Started reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Not my normal read, but I always used to make a point of reading the Booker Prize winner, along with most of the shortlist and thought it would be a good habit to revisit.

Although it's not my normal genre (rarely read historical fiction), it's good so far and the author has a good writing style. Might join Good Reads to keep track of what I think of the books I read.

Sure I'll have more to update soon.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Don't Faint

But I've actually got around to making some Christmas cards this year!!

Justify Full
In the interests of recycling, I've done a design with a re-usable gift tag (ok, the person may have to change the ribbon, but they can definitely use the tag again, and if they glue it on, they can cover the glue on the back of the ribbon {hope that makes sense}). The last one in line looks a bit wonky, but I think that is due to squishing them together in my little portable studio thing, combined with my pretty crappy (lazy) photography skills.

Here's a little close-up some of the tags.

I'm going to do the design in other colourways as well - already have made some blue tags, with snowmen, penguins and snowflakes and have some lovely pink, black and grey Christmas papers I would like to use as well and quite a few other Christmas dies I haven't yet used this year (actually probably never used if I'm being honest).

I also made another batch of Christmas chutney when I got home tonight, and a batch of chilli jam last night - need to label the jam and take a pic tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Box of Tricks

My long-time readers may remember me posting this as a work in progress a few months ago. It sat almost finished for ages (just needed the feet put on) and I finally finished it last night.
We're going to give it to Stewart's Nan as part of her Christmas present (in fact Stu is right now heading over to his folks' to deliver presents for people we won't see on Christmas Day).

Finally, a couple of little detail pics.

I am also almost finished a different design for Stewart's sis. I relally love making things to put in with people's presents.

Thanks for looking. Off to start making some Christmas cards shortly.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Gosh, I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated - I have been doing stuff (honestly!!).

Trying to get into the Christmas spirit, as I felt it was lacking a bit last year after all the wedding excitement. Think I'll get my tree on Saturday, let it settle overnight and decorate it on Sunday. Off out on Saturday with a ton of friends to Arisaig in Glasgow -because there's 26 of us, I think we are going to get the whole of the balcony level to ourselves. After dinner, we're off to Maggie May's.

Made Christmas chutney last night - my first attempt at doing anything like this. Had a little teaspoon taste to see if it was nice; it was yummy scrummy. Made plenty for the family, but will probably end up making more for friends as well. Didn't have jars, so ended up buying half a dozen Asda value lemon curds (not exactly a Nigella moment, spooning lemon curd down the toilet dressed in jammies with eyelliner rubbed over my face - so definitely no pic of that).

Here's the finished article - need to go to a fabric shop to get something Christmassy to put over the lid.

It contains cranberries, apples, dates, ground cloves, ginger & cinnamon, with some cayenne pepper for kick.

Thanks for looking.