Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick Update (and a couple of holiday photos)

Hey bloggy-types. I'm still around and nothing much has changed since I last posted. Still working away at my VQ - hoping in 6 weeks from now I'll be the proud owner of a Level 4 Management VQ though. Working hard at work too, although looking forward to nice summer nights, finishing at 5 and going for a run and stuff (in the car obviously!!) and not starting til 9 the next morning.

Still not gutted/decorated the spare room, although we have made a start on it - can't wait to get my workspace back again so I can start making stuff. Really wishing I had listened to my mum and not got a glass desk though - look pretty but like working over the black hole of Calcutta.

Thought you might like to see a couple of my holiday photos:

Domincan Republic

Tortola in the British Virgin Islands



Scotland District of Barbados

St Lucia
Grand Cayman


Me & Stu

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SueBeads said...

We like lots of the same places!