Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Long Overdue

I'm afraid I've neglected my blog lately - just been so busy with other stuff and not had a whole lot to report.
Still coming to terms with my inhalers - was doing much better (peak flows up to 475 from below 370) but in the meantime I've had a new bathroom put in which is fully tiled, which led a a layer of tile dust over everything I own, so now I'm struggling again (and tired too!!), although I know it won't last forever.
Anyway too much gloom and doom and I'm not really one for self-pity. Bathroom is great - needs the finishing touches still, but so so much better :D:D:D
Stu's sister gets married on Monday, so we're looking forward to that.
Not sure what we're going to do re holidays yet - might try to get a last minute deal or might just spend the money on tarting up the flat a bit more.
I've made a sum total of no cards and no jewellery in the past couple of months, although I have 5 cards, a pair of earrings to make and a necklace to alter (all for Friday, so need to get my butt into gear). I did treat myself to a lovely little colour laser printer for doing my wedding invites.
Still enjoying wii-ing around - got Mario Kart which is great fun.
Will catch up again soon.

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Kathy said...

Good to catch up with you Lisa - sorry to hear you're suffering with the dust - we had loads of building work and lots of plastering done before Christmas so I do feel for you - take care, hope you're all in control again soon