Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guess What Santa's Bringing??

Me and Stu are getting a Wii from Crimbo from Santa (well from overtime really!!). Have asked SW to see if he can get me a spare controller at Schipol tomorrow - if not there may well be tears on Christmas morning (and I feel sad if Stu cries!!).
Went to see Ocean Colour Scene at the Barrowland last night - they were absolutely fantastic (although i did nearly leave home without lifting the tickets until Stu asked if I had them - a recurring event for me and not one of my best character traits)
Fizzing mad at the Post Office - paid extra money on Friday afternoon to get a package from JillyBeads sent next day - it was possible too late to guarantee delivery yesterday, but guess what - still no delivery today. If it doesn't come tomorrow in in serious trouble as I have a lot to do before Crimbo.
Still made no personal Christmas cards and really cutting it fine now, so instead of stressing I'm off out to buy a nice box tomorrow lunchtime - life's just to short to stress over minor things like that!!
Toodles for now bloggy-types - Hopefully will have some piccies later in the week.


Hazel said...

Hope Stu manages to get the spare controller. Hope your Jillybeads order arrives tomorrow.

mum on the run said...

I bought my DS a Wii for Christmas but can't wait to play with it myself, LOL!! Hope the beads turned up in time too!!

Merry Christmas xx