Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Promise...

... I haven't been as unproductive as this blog would imply, although most of the things I have to show today aren't quite finished.

Firstly, this is a ribbon necklace I've done, using some polymer clay beads I made over the Christmas holidays. I've always loved ribbons with jewellery, yet strangely this is the first piece I've made myself. The lentil shape beads are decorated with 2 sizes of a cane I made. I made the stripy spacers at the same time (and was a bit worried they would work together, but I think I like the look). I need to get some clear nail polish to seal the ends of the ribbon before I can wear it.

Unfortunately the photo's a bit blurred (I didn't realise until after I had packed my portable studio away).

Here's a little close-up of the beads:

I'm also working on this berry bracelet, from a kit Mum bought me for Christmas. I have another self-coloured strand to do (the strands are different colours, although I'm not sure that really shows in the photo), then onto the berries and leaves and twist and stitch the whole thing together. Would love to have this finished before I go on holiday. although also want to make a bracelet to go with the red and gold Crystal & Pearls necklace I've previously posted.

One of the things I had on my list to do this year was learn to crochet. My Mum used to do really lovely things, but I never seemed to quite grasp it (and I think she found it tricky trying to teach a lefty!!). Anyway, I have finally mastered it (thanks to some lefty instructions I found on Internet). It took my 3 nights to learn, which is a bit of a record for me, as normally I'm able to pick things up quickly - was extremely frusturating. Anyway thought I'd start with something simple and make a bag to keep my wool and hooks in. First couple of squares (unfortunately our local shop didn't have a good selection of cotton yarn, so this was the best colour combo I could get).

Finally, made this rye and white seeded loaf - I've done a couple of ones before using all rye flour, but they've come out really gluey and quite inedible. This one has a good feel, so hopefully it will taste nice too.
Thanks for looking.

Lisa xoxo