Monday, May 12, 2008

Puff the Magic Dragon...

...lives by the sea.
My first news for today is I now have 2 puffers after a trip to the docs on Friday. I get a terrible wheezy cough everytime I'm ill and because my immune system's been a bit lowered since I recovered from the stomach bug in October, it's been more apparent. Mum & G pointed it out when we were at the Chop House on Thursday night. I'm totally gutted about it but hoping the puffers help and I can stop using them soon, cos I am not very good at it.
Sorry I've not blogged much lately. No craft stuff to show. New job going well and started my Management Level 4 VQ. Bathroom getting fitted in next few weeks and spare room still chaos, but we'll need to get that sorted soon for Stu moving in.
Got some nice photos a couple of weeks ago in Linlithgow, but need to download them, so will try to post later in the week.
Toodles for now xoxo