Thursday, June 28, 2007

Flower Power

This is the card I did for O - wasn't really sure what to do for her, but really wanted to try out my new BossKut flower dies. I used DCWV and Making Memories papers for this one and the Alphabet is Curly Girlie.

The weekend starts here for me this week!! Off tomorrow - got C coming round at night so that gives me the day to get some housework done and nip into town for a couple of essentials.

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Oriental

Nicked the title from a gorgeous bar in London where Sheelagh and I the best bellinis ever (but take your credit card!!!)
This is the card I made last night for M to give to O. I very rarely do A4 folded in half cards as I find them a bit big to fill properly, but just managed to squeeze this little sweetie in. For the second night in a row I hand drew my image, then traced round the individual shapes and made them a bit bigger to have something to stick then cut out in paper (BG Blush again), then drew round the outline in a black cd marker (it was all I could find that wasn't too thick) to give the sleeves and face atc a bit more emphasis). Background is actually Blonde Moments (all my BG pads are 6 x 6 so too small for this one). Writing is a font called Japanese and I printed in English beneath it - kept this to Verdana cos thought the Japanese style needed a very crisp clean western font (plus I sort of have this thing about Verdana).

Got a lovely piece of unexpected mail through the post today, so been hotel hunting for a bit :D:D

Need to do my card for O too as her birthday is on Sunday and I'm off work on Friday.

Oh and before I go, a question - How come every time I get on a half-empty train on my own the guy who is completely pissed by lunchtime and on the wrong train sits next to me? Last time it was some nutter who had just been let out of prison with a bottle of buckie in his pocket!!! I'll leave you to dwell on that one little bloggy-types.

Toodles xoxo

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Apple a Day

This is the final card in the bunch of 4 L asked me to do. I'm so addicted to the new(ish) Basic Grey papers - I used to find them a bit wallpapery/dreary for me, but the newer batch are so nice and colourful. Drew out the apple on bog standard white paper then cut it out and traced round it. Chalked the outline of the apple and backing paper (another thing I'm now addicted to). Alphabet is the ever-versatile QK Sunshine.

Below is what Mr Postie brought me today: CB Embossing folder - Bloom Dots, BossKut Dies - Design a Flower (x4) and Skull & Crossbones, plus a nice free gift :D:D

Off to Spanish shortly then back to do O's card - have totally exhausted all my ballet-related stuff for her over the last couple of years, so found out she likes those little dumpy wooden Japanese dolls (forget what they're called), so will have a bash at one of those.

Toodles xoxo

Monday, June 25, 2007


... that's me. Not really slept the last couple of nights (for no reason) so it's catching up on me now especially as still really busy at work. Off on Friday though - can't wait!!! Only booked it today, but it now gives me plenty time to get ready for C coming round. Got D's hen night on Sat too - can't believe how quicily it's all come around.

Made this card for J's birthday last Thursday. If you read this, hope you had a great time at Madam Butterfly :D:D

Off to make a teacher card for L now, then bath and early night with any luck!!!

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A bit knackered tonight cos had an early start today and another tomorrow, but hopefully not on Friday cos got a retirement dinner on Friday night.

My Texturz starter kit arrived this morning - super speed delivery considering I only ordered it yesterday afternoon. Have now tried out the texture plates in Meany Greeny and they work a treat. Mucho thanks to
Jo for giving me a link to plate sizes etc to use.
S invited me down for dinner before he went to practice tonight - I so love getting dinner cooked for me (even though I also love cooking), plus he got me a pressie!!!!! Snakes on a Plane DVD, which I absolutely loved when I saw it - can't wait to try it out on my widescreen and surround sound :D:D Going to try to go to Berwick again for a couple of days next month although will need to be one of the middle weekends cos of T in the Park at the beginning of the month and D & B's wedding at the end.
C and A coming round next Friday so going to throw a belated birthday party for C with a nice dinner and cake and stuff - may even play some Buzz Music Quiz or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on the PS2 or manual Trivial Pursuit - I love games but I'm not the best loser!!
Only downside to stuff is that neck is giving me a bit gyp (sp?) again, but going to keep an eye on it (not literally, obviously) and will go back to Mr Chiro if it doesn't get better by next week.
Toodles for now bloggy-types

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Got my hair cut today - a bit shorter than I had planned but much better. Met G in the hairdressers as well - she was getting her colour done - looks much better.
Not got much done with my new goodies yet, have a card to do tonight but can't post a pic til the end of the week. Did manage to have a little try-out of them last night and I'm pretty impressed. Have already grown really attached to my mean green cutting machine.
Probably won't have much time tonight to do anything apart from the card, as have brought some work home with me and need to be in early doors tomorrow, which means no burning the candle at both ends tonight.
toodles xoxo

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monday :D:D:D

Was well worth going into work today, cos postie brought me this stash!!

I got: the Cuttlebug (wooohooo), 2 sets of embossing dies (wedding & flowers), Sizzix Texturz plates (not sure if I can use them though cos aparently I need a starter kit - advice welcome :D), Penny Black Licorice alphabet stamps, MM 6 x 6 pads in Avenue, Olivia, Kate & Ethan, BG 6 x 6 pad in Gypsy, and a Sizix Sizzlets Nursery Rhyme Shoe die.

Off to try them out now, but before I go I have a joke for you all...

... Michael Barrymore was asked if he was going to do panto this year...he replied "No, I did Aladin 6 years ago and I've never heard the end of it " :D:D:D:D:D:D

toodles xoxo

Thursday, June 14, 2007

First time for everything!

Lythan commented yesterday that I seem to be on a roll and I do!! I think the reason for it is that my neck is now on the mend and I hadn't realised just how sore I had been for the past 6 months apart from the last couple of weeks when it was making me scream - long may the roll continue.
Believe it or not, although I've been making cards for 2 or 3 years now, I've never actually used chalks. But I managed to pick some up for an ok price at the Edinburgh stamp show recently, so thought I'd try them out last night on the 21st card I was making for L.

I used BG Phoebe papers, QK Sunshine alphabet (which I love to bits). The copper flower is made from sculpey using a push mould and dusted with copper Pearlex powder. I used dark brown chalk around the outside of the numbers and background paper.

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...and the other

This is the other card I've been asked to do for girls taking part in a Gala Day on Saturday. I'm really pleased with them both and I hope the person who asked for them likes them too (she has similar taste to me, so fingers crossed). Got a 21st birthday one to do tonight for the same person.

I used Making Memories papers and mint green glitter card. Fairies are Eillison, tags are BossKut and alphabet is GAW.

Oh and another jewellery order today. I was wearing a necklace I made yesterday and someone at work admired it and came to see me today to ask if I would make her one. Should really try to wear my own stuff more often, usually I just chuck on my £1 black beads as I'm dashing out the door.

toodles xoxo

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First of two... I've been asked to do for girls in a galaday on Saturday. I did think about getting the DCWV Once Upon a Time papers, but wasn't sure if they would be a bit dark for girly cards (plus extremely strapped for cash until payday on Fri!!).

I used my new Blonde Moments 6x6 Sugar Dumpling papers (really hope they release all the ranges in this size cos I love their stuff), Alphabet is GAW, wand and tiara are QK and crystals attached with a KandiKane.

I finished the second one tonight when I got home from Spanish, so will scan it tomorrow when I get into work. Got another couple of cards to do for the same person who ordered these, so will hopefully get them done tomorrow night. Can't wait to order my Cuttlebug on Friday - got another couple of things I'd like too.

toodles bloggy-types xoxo

Monday, June 11, 2007

I can move my head again!!!!!!!!!!

Wooohooo went to the chiropractor on Thursday and now I can move my head!! Only now realising just how sore it was though, as still a bit stiff. Everyone said I'd be sore after the treatment but to be honest the aftermath was only about 50% as sore as I was before I went.
Got loads of enthusiasm now for stuff, so hopefully I'll start to make a big dent into my to do list (which is now longer than both arms and legs put together).
Had a great weekend - went up to Mum's on Sat cos she was away for the weekend - just chilled in the garden with S and caught some rays. Went to see J & P in their new house on Sat night - was well impressed with it.
Didn't do much apart from chill & watch DVDs on Sun. I love American Gothic :D:D
Back to work today, but really wasn't in the mood - think if it is a warm sunny day we should get sent home!!!!
toodles for a bit xoxo

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pain in the Neck...

...still isn't away, but going to chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully should be on the mend for the weekend.
Still not got a Cuttlebug either (need to wait and see how much quack charges me tomorrow), but put my other cutters up for sale on Ebay, so will need to get it ordered soon. Also want a couple of the new Bosskut flower dies.
Planted all my tubs with plants on Saturday, and now less than 50% of them are left - I used to love rabbits, but now I would shoot em if I had a gun. Need to think of something different to plant next year.
Gorgeous sunny day today, going to go to seaside at weekend if it's still nice.
Got a couple of necklace orders last night and a couple of card orders today, so will be busy even if the weather isn't as nice.
Off to grab a drink and put a heatpack on my neck.
toodles xoxo